Tips For Staying Safe While You’re Traveling

tips for staying safe

Of course, few things get very exciting when you’re travelling internationally. This naturally can get you into thinking about your personal safety on the road. I’m not saying you need to constantly worry about gangs of abductors, wealthy torturers or unjust imprisonment while travelling. But it’s smart to have common-sense precautions when travelling around the globe.

Read on for safe travelling tips on how to keep yourself, your belongingness and all the money safe during travelling. After all, it’d be a shame to lose your cash and credit cards to a thief.

Don’t be a Captain Obvious:

Dont be captain

You’re a tourist. You know that, but you clearly don’t want everybody to know about it. Don’t unfold your giant map on a busy street. Avoid asking for directions from strangers. Learn your route ahead of time and avoid flashing your guidebook around, or publicly referring to your language dictionary when you’re travelling.

Keep your Friends Close and your Wallet Closer:

keep friend and wallet closer

It’s not difficult for a seasoned criminal to spot a lone traveller. If you’re travelling alone, try avoiding keeping that lonely impression on your face. Stick with groups whenever possible and don’t be too friendly with chatty cab drivers. Another thing you don’t want to advertise is where you keep your money. And the road isn’t the place to flash your big fancy purse. In case you have a purse, keep it close to your body, preferably under an item of clothing like a jacket or sweater so that thieves can’t use the old snip-the-purse-straps-and-run trick (typically like a movie scene). Or go all 007 with a hidden money belt. So cool!

Be Careful on Hearing a Knock-knock:

be careful on knock on your door

Never, ever blindly open the door when you hear a knock at your hotel room door. If the knocker identifies himself as a hotel employee, call the front desk to confirm. Always ensure your hotel door completely closes when entering. Don’t leave your valuable lying all over the room when you’re leaving for the day.

Make Electronic Copies of your Documents:

electronic copies of your documents

You’ll be carrying necessary documentation with you when travelling abroad. Create an electronic backup of your immunization record, itinerary, medical insurance card, passport, plane tickets, travel insurance and visas before you leave. It’s wise to email all of these to yourself so you can access every information from your inbox.

Get a Checkup and Appropriate Vaccinations:

checkup and proper vaccination

Always have a thorough body checkup before you leave for your trip. Also, it’s important to know the health concerns of the country you’re giving a visit. Numerous worldwide travel destinations require vaccinations before your arrival, so make sure that you know the immunizations you need and that you’re immunized before your trip.

We’ve only scratched the surface. What are some of the travel safety ideas you take while travelling?

Let us know.

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