Tips for Solo Femal Travel

When you get to go on a solo trip, nothing can get more exciting than that.  It’s certainly one of the best ways to explore the world and of course yourself as an individual. But if you’re a woman, going to travel solo, you’ve to be a li’l more cautious.

So here are ten tips for a solo traveller to make sure you make the most of your journey

Keep Your Valuables Hidden:

Keep Your Values Safe Locked

The key reason for this is that many tourist spots will have thieves and pickpockets, and if you’re carrying some expensive stuff with you, then you might be at risk. Especially if you’re carrying a camera around your neck. In the case of smartphones, you can never be too careful. They can be grabbed right out of your hands if you aren’t paying attention.
So, don’t be paranoid. Use good judgement. Common sense goes a long way!

Avoid Traveling At Night:

Female's Avoid traveling at night

Night timing can be intimidating if you are a solo female traveller. While it might be totally okay to travel to a place where there are other people present, but it’s advisable to take a cab to your hotel than to walk back. Also, where possible, try to avoid using overnight transportation unless you’re able to secure your belongings as they also tend to be more prone to crime.

Learn Emergency Phrases:

Learn Emergency Phrases

Being able to convey to the locals that you need help and it is an emergency is very vital. Most of the crimes happen in some isolated places where there would be nobody to provide you with help. Besides, also learn some key phrases in the local language. It will make your life a lot easier and might convince the strangers for having put in the effort.

Let Someone Be Aware Of Your Travel Plan:

Travel Plan Awarness

Whether you’re just out there visiting some local attractions or heading out for a wild experience for a week, make sure someone knows your plans. Of course, try to keep friends and family at home updated.

Befriend The Hotel Staff:

Friendly to Hotel Staff

Hotel staff aren’t only there if your hot water isn’t working properly, but they will usually be locals who know the area quite well. Remember not only to ask them about the best places to go but also where you should avoid as an outsider. They should also know not to mention your room number to anyone else without your consent.

Keep Your Confident Self Forth:

Self Confidence

You’re most likely to get attacked if you look naïve or under some kind of vulnerability, so try walking and appear as confident as possible, even if you are lost. Be aware of your surroundings, and if something feels wrong or you’re getting bad vibes from someone you’re having a conversation with, find an immediate solution out of that situation without any delay.

Know Conversation Points To Avoid:

Conversation Points to Avoid

Whether it is discussing Communism or religion, there are some subjects that are best if avoided. Avoid talking about all these with locals as much as you can. You never know what can backfire when.

Make Copies Of  Your Travel Documents:

Travel Documents

If you lose important travel documents, especially your passport, it can be an absolute pain to get them replaced or even continue your travel. Having photocopies or even a photo of the documents saves on your computer or smartphone can be very useful.

Keep Emergency Numbers In Your Phone:

Keep Emergency Numbers

If you’re solo travelling, it’s very important to keep your emergency contacts saved. Especially the local emergency numbers, so that if you do need the police or an ambulance, you can call quickly for help.

Don’t Let Music Distract You:

Never get distracted

It can be easy to put in headphones and drift off into your own world when you’re on a bus, sitting in a waiting room or even taking a stroll around the city. It’s important to stay alert and not get distracted.

If you’re out there on a solo female travel, make sure you keep these points in mind. Other than that, have the time of your life. To know more call us at (561) 405-4849.